Stop harassing calls from 8009591373

What to do if you are receiving harassing calls from 8009591373 ?

Don’t just get pissed, you can get $1,000 for harassing calls originating from a debt collector. Do Not Call list does not apply to collection companies, but the FDCPA federal law does make harassing calls from these guys unlawful.

Caller-ID and individual reports have shown these numbers as coming from Allied Interstate, a debt collection company. You can get $1,000 as a victim under FDCPA federal law.

Here are some common violations where you can get up to $1,000 under federal law as a victim:
-If you have a collection company harassing you with repeated calls (especially with an automated dialer).

-Debt collector failing to identify themselves, or at odd times of the day, etc.,

-Debt collector calls you after you have told them they have the wrong number.

-Debt collector calls you and fails to send written notice of debt within 5-days of first calling.

It makes no difference if they are dialing your number by mistake or you actually owe money, you can collect up to $1,000 by fed. law plus any actual damage under federal law (the Fair Debt. Collection Practices Act). Visit for full FDCPA info and how to collect on the $1,000 under federal law.

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