How to stop harassing calls from 8476789710

What to do if you are receiving calls from 8476789710?

Chances are this is Portfolio Recovery Associates, a debt collection company. If you are receiving harassing calls from them, you can file a telephone harassment claim and recover up to $1,000 under federal FDCPA law.

The Do not call list does not apply to debt collectors, but the more powerful FDCPA federal law DOES APPLY where you can get up to $1,000 for violations like this:

-You are being harassed by repeated calls (including computerized automated calls) from a debt collector.

-You have received even ONE CALL after you advised the debt collector that they have the wrong number or you can’t/won’t help them locate the person they are trying to reach.

-A debt collector has called you before 8:00am or after 9:00pm.

-A debt collector has failed to identify themselves when calling you or a third party concerning you.

-A debt collector has engaged in any conduct you found to be harassing, oppressive, or abusive. This includes the making of any type of threats (including threats to “garnish your wages”), use of obscene language, excessive telephone calls, etc.

-A debt collector has called your place of employment after either you or your employer have forbade such calls.

-A false representation of the character or amount of a debt.

-A debt collector has used any false representation or otherwise deceptive means to collect a debt or obtain information about you.

If you are getting called from Portfolio Recovery Associates, check your rights and get have the calls stopped. See

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