Harassing calls from 2054234020, Portfolio Recovery Associates

Receiving calls from 2054234020?  This number has been reported as being from Portfolio Recovery Associates from caller-ID.

Many people receiving harassing calls from a debt collection agency will Google the number and wind up on a “who called me” type of site.  They then leave a comment of such a site complaining and whining about the harassment to other victims of the same type of harassment.


If you have a collection company harassing you with repeated calls (especially with an automated dialer), failing to identify themselves, or at odd times of the day, etc., they are in violation of the Fair Debt. Collection Practices Act.  It makes no difference if they are dialing the wrong number or you actually owe money. File an online report to stop the calls immediately.  You can then get assistance to collect up to $1,000 in statutory penalties at no charge to you.

SOME PEOPLE WHINE AND COMPLAIN on “who called me” type forums, others get real help and wind up with the calls STOPPED and $1,000.  Know your rights and use them!  It pays off!

Common examples of unlawful collection call activity:

-You are being harassed by repeated calls (including computerized automated calls) from a debt collector.

-You have received even ONE CALL after you advised the debt collector that they have the wrong number or you can’t/won’t help them locate the person they are trying to reach.

-You received a call from a debt collector where the caller failed to identify themselves and/or failed to tell you the reason they were calling.  Asking for someone’s name is NOT telling you why they are calling.  They must tell you what the purpose of the call is.

Again, if you are receiving calls from 2054234020 it is from a debt collection agency. You have a right NOT to be harassed by debt collectors

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