7319847690. Who is calling?

Receiving calls from 7319847690 ?  These numbers have been reported as being from Portfolio Recovery Associates from caller-ID.

To anyone here wondering how to stop the calls.  If you are receiving harassing calls from this number, you can hit back.  This number has been reported on this site and other sites as belonging to a debt collector (Portfolio Recovery Associates).  AS A VICTIM OF TELEPHONE HARASSMENT, you can get up to $1,000 under federal law (FDCPA).  The “Do Not Call” does not apply here because they are a debt collector.

It makes no difference if they are dialing your number by mistake or you actually owe money, you can collect up to $1,000 by fed. law plus any actual damage under federal law (the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).  Click following link for a full FDCPA info and provides attorneys that handle it without charging you.  It is really easy.

If you look at the federal law available on the stop harassment site listed above, you will see what violations are under this federal law and that you can get up to $1,000 for a violation.  All you have to do is report it as an FDCPA violation and HIT THEM BACK in the pocketbook.  If more people knew about and HIT BACK, it would become pretty expensive for these guys to dial people’s numbers so many times without bothering to confirm they got the right number.  Even if you owe a debt (like a lot of us do), you can still collect the $1,000 for telephone harassment!

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