Who’s calling from 3104295382?

Receiving calls from 3104295382 ?  This number has been reported as being from Valentine & Kebartas Inc from caller-ID.

Valentine & Kebartas Inc. is a debt collection company, and whether you owe them a debt or not, they can’t be harassing people by repeated calls OR THEY WILL HAVE TO PAY YOU MONEY.  It is not hard to stop these calls.  You can also get up to $1,000 under federal law (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act “FDCPA”).  See Stop Debt Collectors Harassment for information on your rights and how to stop calls like this.  Assistance for FDCPA violations, including telephone harassment and other debt collection violations is available AT NO CHARGE.

It does not matter if you owe a past due debt or not!  You do not have to pay any past due debt to collect up to $1,000 under federal law!  If you are a victim, you are entitled to statutory damages from the collection company, the creditor whom you owe the debt to is not involved.

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