Have you received a call from (800)900-1380

People have reported receiving debt collection calls from this number, which is reported to belong to Penn Credit.  If you are not the person they are calling for and you have told them they have the wrong number, if they call you back even ONE TIME, that is a violation of federal law in which you can collect up to $1,000.  If you are the person they are calling for, they must not harass you with excessive calls or you to can collect up to $1,000.

See http://www.stopdebtcollectorsharassment.com/

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One Response to Have you received a call from (800)900-1380

  1. Lynette Adrian says:

    getting phone calls from head credit corp at the number of 800-900-1380 for a Liz Adrian that has never lived here. I have told them not to call she has never lived here and they still are calling me.

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